The Intercontinental Marathon Club

Successful World Marathon Challenge participants will become members of the exclusive INTERCONTINENTAL MARATHON CLUB, reserved for athletes who have run 7 marathons on 7 continents within 7 days.

  1. A marathon distance is 42.195km (26.2 miles).
  2. The seven major continents are Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America.
  3. A marathon distance in its entirety must be completed on each continent. A marathon which starts on one continent and finishes on another will not be counted. Marathons on treadmills or boats will not be counted. A person running beyond a marathon distance as part of an ultra marathon must complete the advertised ultra marathon distance or be given an official split time for the marathon.
  4. Islands located near a continental landmass are considered part of that continent if they are part of its tectonic plate or continental shelf. In this respect, Ireland and Britain are considered part of Europe, Greenland is part of North America (although politically part of Europe) and Japan is part of Asia.
  5. There are some islands and island groups that are not considered part of any continent: Hawaii is an example.
  6. For the avoidance of doubt, the South Shetland Islands, including its northernmost King George Island, and the Falkland Islands are not considered part of the continent of Antarctica. These islands are not located within the Antarctic Circle, they are not located on Antarctica's continental landmass, and they are not part of the Antarctica Tectonic Plate or geographic continental shelf. The South Shetland Islands are specifically located on the Shetland Plate while the Falklands are on the South America Plate. Both sets of islands also share a distinctly more moderate set of climatic conditions that sets them apart from the continent of Antarctica.
  7. Members of the 7 Continents Marathon Club / Intercontinental Marathon Club should exemplify the spirit of adventure marathon running.

Members of Intercontinental Marathon Club

The Intercontinental Marathon Club is composed of athletes who have run 7 Marathons on 7 Continents within 7 Days.

There were 61 members, 47 male and 14 female, on the conclusion of the 2017 World Marathon Challenge.

Prospective members must follow the Definitions & Guidelines of  The Intercontinental Marathon Club.

wdt_ID Name Country
186 James Alderson (AUS)
187 Marcelo Alves (BRA)
188 Stefan Aumann (GER)
189 Matthew Barnett (USA)
190 Daniel Cartica (USA)
191 Wing Keung Chik (CHN/HKG)
192 Richard Donovan (IRL)
193 Patrick Fallon (USA)
194 Mauro Garza (USA)
195 Paul Grealish (IRL)
Name Country

wdt_ID Name Country
186 Georgina Acons (GBR)
187 Sarah Ames (GER/USA)
188 Heather Hawkins (AUS)
189 Sinead Kane (IRL)
190 Becca Pizzi (USA)
191 Catherine Sun (CHN)
192 Guoping Xie (CHN)
193 Demelza Alderson (AUS/GBR)
194 Silvana Camelio (CHL)
195 Nahilia Hernandez (CUB/MEX)
Name Country

wdt_ID Name Country
186 Krishna Prasad Chigurupati (IND)
187 Uma Devi Chigurupati (IND)
Name Country

Fastest Average Marathon Time (Men) - Michael Wardian (USA): 2:45:57 hrs

Fastest Average Marathon Time (Women) - Becca Pizzi (USA): 3:55:11 hrs

Fastest Duration (Men) - Richard Donovan (IRL): 4 Days 22 Hours 3 Minutes

Fastest Duration (Women) - Guoping Xie (CHN): 6 Days 8 hours 30 Minutes